Dog Training Dice
Dog Training Dice

Dog Training Dice

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  • ✔ DICE DESIGN- Dice has 6 side with different numbers, 1-6. We designed multiple spots on all 6 side to hide snacks, which can help you train your furry friends to find hidden foods on different side. You also can use this to train your dog to recognize numbers to improve the intelligence. It's a great educational dog toy.
  • ✔ PREMIUM QUALITY- Made of soft polar fleece and filled foam with high resilience, which are durable, soft, and skin-friendly. The filled foam is customized with high equality. Although the cloth has some elasticity, it cannot withstand dogs' tearing too violently. They should be stopped in time When found tearing toys. Guide them to use toys correctly to make dogs smarter.
  • ✔ RELIEVE STRESS- Smell is the nature of dogs. Ten minutes of smelling is equal to one hour of running. Dogs' self-satisfaction is achieved by smelling odors. At the same time, it can relieve pressure and release excess emotions. It's not only a toy but a pillow when tired.
  • ✔ ESAY TO CLEAN- The Food Training Plush Pet Toys designed with invisible zipper, which will not hurt the dog's mouth when looking for food. The foam block inside can be detached and cleaned conveniently. Highly recommended to wash twice a week. DO NOT CLEAN the SPONGE TOGETHER.
  • ✔ FURNITURE SAVIOR- Dogs usually destroy furniture because they have too much energy to vent, specifically chocolate Lab black lab pup border collie hound bulldog boston terrier husky blue heeler petite corgi australian german shepherd mini poodle frenchie schnauzer. So the Snuffing Dog Toy is a great protector to divert attention from your dogs.